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Opening General Session:

The dairy industry economic outlook
Gary Sipiorski, Dairy Development Manager, VITA PLUS Corporation
Many worldwide and domestic financial dynamics are having a huge impact on your dairy calf and heifer growing business. It is important to recognize these macro-economics while running your operation and make sure you understand the micro-economics to keep money in your checkbook. The last three years have created an economic environment that is not like anything seen in the last 80 years. Sipiorski offers insight on how to financially engage your business for the future.
Sponsored in part by VITA PLUS Corporation

Closing General Session:

Making strides in calf health: opportunities and obstacles
Sheila McGuirk, DVM, PhD,Professor, Department of Medical Sciences, University of Wisconsin Madison
Is calf health about the additives, medicines and vaccines or are there other opportunities to do less and come out farther ahead? What is the best strategy for maximizing health and performance of calves? This lecture is designed to help you make decisions about strategic interventions for improving calf health. Where are the real problems? Is it the people; is it the calves? Define the problems, choose the best solution and have trained people with tools and a process to improve calf health.
Sponsored by Bayer Animal Health

Night of Humor for the HEART of Agriculture
Let’s Go to Farm Camp! (ticket required)
Damian Mason
Join us for an evening of laughter with comedian Damian Mason as he presents a hilarious program and optimistic message for today’s agricultural professional. Damian was raised on a dairy farm, graduated from Purdue University in Agriculture Economics and is a farm owner. The "Night of Humor” will begin with an open bar from 6:30-8:30 pm (one drink ticket included in price) dinner at 7:30 pm and entertainment at 8:15 pm. The cost of this event is not included in the Conference registration fee and is an additional $45. Register on-line when you register for the Conference. A ticket is required for entry.


Life – the most important and valuable thing on this planet
Hank Wagner, Owner/Producer, Wagner Farms
Wagner will share some of his life-changing lessons and experiences. Before this session is over you will have a better understanding of how you fit into the wonderful and sometimes complicated or overwhelming journey we call "life.”

A look at Mann Farms: why customer relations is critical to its success
Darin Mann, Owner of Mann Farms and M&M Feedlot
Mann offers his perspective on why customer relations is a priority for his farm, the work he’s done to secure neighbors’ approval, and what he’s doing to ensure his family’s legacy. See the incredible Idaho-based Mann Farm with this video tour.
Sponsored by Huvepharma


Karl BurgiManaging hoof health in dairy heifers
Karl Burgi, Co-founder, Dairyland Hoof Care Institute
Demonstration includes how to detect lameness early and diagnose lesions, techniques for emergency lame heifer care, techniques for dealing with claw horn problems, protocols for preventing and treating digital dermatitis (hairy warts) and more.
Sponsored by Beef Quality Assurance
Beef or dairy – how you start your calves matters!
Douglas Braun, DVM, Senior Veterinarian, Pfizer Animal Health, Dairy Veterinary Operations
Braun, in a wet lab setting, will take a close look at nature’s manufacturing plant, designed to provide the goods your calves need for optimal performance – The Mammary Gland. Includes udder dissection and more.
Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health

Respiratory Disease in Dairy Calves --- Implications and Treatment Strategies
Dave Prentice, DVM, MS, Senior Technical Consultant, Dairy Business Unit
Dave will discuss some of the implications of respiratory disease in dairy calves and how it can affect their performance beyond the current insult. Through a practical demonstration, he will show some of the pathology that results due to respiratory disease. In addition, some recent research on different treatment strategies for respiratory disease will be discussed.
Sponsored by Elanco


Pat HoffmanSomething different: the chemistry of dry and high moisture corn
P.C. Hoffman, Department of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison
This presentation will focus on the chemistry of dry and high moisture corn (HMC) to provide a better understanding of growth and body condition variance associated with feeding dairy heifers corns of various origins.

A new tool in heat detection

Ray Nebel, PhD, VP of Technical Service Programs, Select Sires Inc.
Nebel will discuss and demonstrate how the Select Detect system, a combination of intelligent software and nanotechnology, can be used on different types of farms from pasture-based to total confinement.
Sponsored by Select Sires Inc.

Behavior and its role in the nutritional management of dairy heifers

Trevor DeVries, PhD, University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus
Nutritional management practices can affect heifer behavior, and these practices may affect health, growth and welfare. DeVries will offer ideas to promote feeding behavior patterns for more consistent nutrient intake, improved rumen health and less growth rate variation.

Mark HillResearch-based technologies for calf starters
Mark Hill, PhD, Nurture Research Center, Provimi North America
This presentation focuses on research on starters and growers and how they are being applied on farms. Grains and feeds processing, ingredients and nutrients types and ingredient and nutrient levels within starter and grower feeds will also be discussed.
Sponsored by Nutriad Inc.

Heifer mastitis – how to help heifers calve clean

Pamela Ruegg, DVM, MPVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison
This presentation will review the common causes of mastitis and focus on preventative management strategies that result in healthy fresh heifers.

Dairy farm safety and OSHA – approaches for effective management and
worker training

David Douphrate, PhD, MPT, MBA, University of Texas School of Public Health
Douphrate’s presentation will address safety hazards on dairy farms as well as applicable OSHA regulations and standards. Owners and managers will learn managerial, leadership and procedural strategies to effectively address dairy worker health and safety.

Dairy beef production as an alternative enterprise

Amy Radunz, State Beef Cattle Extension Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Raising dairy beef steers requires different management, marketing and economic considerations. Radunz’s presentation will cover advantages and disadvantages of different dairy beef production systems with an emphasis on factors affecting profitability from nutritional management to dairy steer marketing.

The DCHA Gold Standards – how does your operation compare?
Sam Leadley, PhD, PAS, Calf/Heifer Management Consultant, Attica Veterinary Associates PC
The DCHA Gold Standards I & II is a framework for high-quality, yet attainable, production levels for mortality, morbidity, growth rate and more. Leadley will provide insight to applying these when raising both pre-weaned and weaned heifers.

Three buckets to include on your bucket list

Jared Thompson, Financial Advisor/Consultant, Principal of Wealth Partners Financial Services LLC
Join Jared as he focuses on a path that helps business owners, their employees, families and individuals navigate through financial pitfalls (fees, taxes, retirement investments) and helps to make each individual’s "Bucket List” a reality.


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This entire program has been approved for 8 Continuing Education Units for ARPAS members.